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Comprehensive molecular and pathological evaluation of transitional mesothelioma assisted by deep learning approach: a multi-institutional study of the International Mesothelioma Panel from MESOPATH Référence Center. Galateau Salle F, Le Stang N, Tirode F, Courtiol P, Nicholson AG, Tsao MS, Tazelaar HD, Churg A, Dacic S, Roggli V, Pissaloux D, Maussion C, Moarii M, Beasley MB, Begueret H, Chapel DB, Copin MC, Gibbs AR, Klebe S, Lantuejoul S, Nabeshima K, Vignaud JM, Attanoos R, Brcic L, Capron F, Chirieac LR, Damiola F, Sequeiros R, Cazes A, Damotte D, Foulet A, Giusiano-Courcambeck S, Hiroshima K, Hofman V, Husain AN, Kerr K, Marchevsky A, Paindavoine S, Picquenot JM, Rouquette I, Sagan C, Sauter J, Thivolet F, Brevet M, Rouvier P, Travis WD, Planchard G, Weynand B, Clozel T, Wainrib G, Fernandez-Cuesta L, Pairon JC, Rusch V, Girard N. 
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