Team and collaborators - Rare Cancers Genomics

The Rare Cancers Genomics Team (IARC-WHO)

Lynnette Fernandez-Cuesta

Team leader – Biology/Biochemistry

Matthieu Foll

Team leader – Computational Biology

Nicolas Alcala

Scientist – Statistics

Catherine Voegele

Data analyst – Bioinformatics

Alexandra Sexton-Oates

Postdoc – Biology/Biochemistry

Emilie Mathian

PhD student – Machine learning/AI

Gabrielle Drevet

PhD student – Surgery

Laurane Mangé

Master student – Computational Biology

The Rare Cancers Genomics team at IARC-WHO is a multicultural and multidisciplinary team including bioinformaticians, data scientists, and molecular biologists from four different nationalities, and piloting large international consortia. It is a vibrant environment ideal for a student willing to pursue an international career in medical bioinformatics or data science to gain experience in state-of-the-art bioinformatics (reproducible workflows interacting with High-Performance Computing facilities) and big data analysis (modern statistics and machine learning) covering most of the spectrum of ‘omic approaches used in medical genomics. Team alumni pursued their career in world-leading medical research institutions (Barcelona Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Lausanne University Hospital, University of Calgary, Stanford University), at IARC-WHO, and in private companies (bioMerieux).


  • Sébastien Calvet
  • Simon Niceron
  • Lise Mangiante
  • Alex Di Genova
  • Aurélie Gabriel
  • Colin Giacobi
  • Tiffany Delhomme
  • Jérome Poizat
  • Arnaud Poret
  • Noémie Leblay
  • Imane Boukili
  • Lorraine Soudade
  • Théo Giffon


  • Lipika Lipika – Med Uni Graz, AUS (2023)
  • Eleonora Lauricella – Policlinico di Bari, IT (2023)
  • Maike Morrison – Stanford University, US (2023)
  • Giovanni Centonze – IRCSS Milan, IT (2022)
  • Ricardo Blazquez – IMIBIC Cordoba, SP (2021)
  • Laura Moonen – Maastricht University, NE (2018)
  • Jules Derks – Maastricht University, NE (2016)


Talya Dayton

Organoids – EMBL Barcelona, SP

Sylvie Lantuejoul

Pathology – Centre Léon Bérard, FR

Françoise Galateau-Salle

Pathology – Centre Léon Bérard, FR

Thomas Walter

Oncology – Hospices Civils de Lyon, FR

Nicolas Girard

Oncology – Institut Curie, FR

Jean-Yves Blay

Oncology – Centre Léon Bérard, FR

Jules Derks

Oncology – Maastricht University, NE

Jean-Michel Maury

Surgery – Hospices Civils de Lyon, FR

Severine Tabone-Eglinger

Biobank – Centre Léon Bérard, FR

Justo Castaño

Biology/Biochemistry – IMIBIC, FR

Ernst-Jan Speel

Biology/Biochemistry – Maastricht University, NE

Ludmil Alexandrov

Mutational signatures – UC San Diego, USA

Mauro Cives

Tumor immunology – University of Bari « Aldo Moro », IT

Nuria Lopez-Bigas

Driver genes – IRB Barcelona, SP

Alex Di Genova

Long-reads sequencing – O’Higgins University, Chile

Jaehee Kim

Cancer Evolution – Cornell University, USA

Noah Rosenberg

Cancer Evolution – Stanford University, USA

Liming Chen

Artificial Intelligence – Ecole Centrale de Lyon, FR

Dimitris Samaras

Artificial Intelligence – State University of New York, USA

Luka Brcic

Pathology – Med Uni Graz, AUS


  • – LungNEN network:
  • CHU Caen, CHU Nice, CHU Nancy, HCL Bron, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Melbourne, IRCCS Milan, IRCCS Rotondo, Medical University of Graz, Hôpital Marie-Lannelongue Paris, University of Turin, Oslo University Hospital, Maastricht University Medical Centre

Sequencing facilities

  • Centre National de Recherche en Génomique Humaine (CNRGH, CEA), FR
  • Sequencing platform of the Centre Léon Bérard, FR
  • Cologne Center for Genomics (CCG), University of Cologne, DE